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Dennis (Evprofessor) Miles, Founder and President

Mission: To promote the replacement of fossil fueled vehicles with Electric Vehicles by educating experienced mechanics and advanced automobile hobbyists to build electric cars and converting used cars to electric. This will include the skills to troubleshoot, repair, and service any electric car or its components, safely and reliably.

Location: Greater Dade City, Florida 33523 Phone: 863-944-9913 (Office hours Noon to Midnight daily.)

E-mail: Evprofessor@EVprofessor.com Alternative Web: WWW.EVprofessor.COM

At the present time, the only authorized service facilities for electric cars (or hybrids) are the Dealerships. Many who wish they could drive an electric can’t because of retail new car prices. Why buy new? About 80% of the automobiles sold in the USA are used cars. But, few electric used cars are available. Our trainees learn to take a nice used auto and convert it to a pure electric using all new electric drive train components and cost of the retrofitted vehicle is one half to one third of the suggested retail price of a new electric car. They can convert your car or find you another. Suddenly the price of gasoline becomes a subject of ridicule as you drive past all the fuel retailers. Then you park the car at home, plug-in and in the morning un-plug and drive away because charging is automatic at home and “filling” the battery costs less than $2 after having driven 60 to 100 miles that day. In the USA 85% of drivers drive less than 40 miles daily. That is well within the capability of an electric car. And with 100 miles of range it satisfies the needs of 95% of drivers. Need to make a road trip monthly or yearly? Just rent a Hybrid for the trip, you save enough in Insurance for the other 335 days to pay for the rental.

Our “Conversions” are “City-Cars” and can be safely driven at over 70 MPH on Expressways, as well as normal city driving on any street. And it looks like a “Regular Car” on the street, you “blend-into-traffic”, power steering and power brakes work normally, air conditioning and heater/defroster work as you expect.

Don’t be fooled by the “Neighborhood Electric Car” it is limited to 25 MPH and is restricted to slow streets! With speed limits less than 45 MPH. Like an enclosed Golf Cart. arrowOur “City-Cars” are “REAL” cars. Safe to drive on the street or highway.

Our faculty’s leader is the EV Professor. The EV Professor’s experience includes a career as a certified adult vocational instructor with 20 years of Electric & Electronic Technical Training experience that contributed to 6,000 successful graduates. Also he has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in industry.

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